2022-2023 Fee Schedule

    Per Family          Per Year 

Child #1  -  $150

Child #2  -  $150

Max Family Tuition is $300

A family with more than 2 children attending will only have to pay the family max of $300 for their entire family

Tuition is made up of a $50 facility fee, $50 supply fee, and $50 teacher fee.


Please contact Lora Pace at 404-771-0801 for any questions regarding fees or


Childcare for children under 3, is $8 per co-op day.

Parents who would like to use the childcare must register their children and indicate the childcare tab.There is no registration fee. 

The registration fee is deducted from your yearly tuition. Teachers and other supporting roles will receive a tuition discount off the teacher fee.

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 Tuition for the 2021-2022 school year
                       $250 per student
     (This is a one time fee. Not monthly. $50.00 deposit @ registration with balance paid by Sept. 1st)                    
 Nursery Cost

                            (ages 3 and under
                                       not potty trained)

                                              $300 per child 

A one time (not monthly)-$50.00 deposit is required to register.  The remaining balance of tuition is paid  by September 1st.

Childcare/Nursery fees are for our regular 14 co-ops educational days. Childcare is not provided on field trip or extracurricular days. The childcare dates are indicated in yellow on the calendar. 

Fees are not based on attendance and are nonrefundable. Although we will not provide childcare for other days/functions, we do realize that you and your younger child may need a nursery area for you to care for them, so we plan to have a nursery area that you can use to care for your child on those days if needed.  

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