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The Holidays are near... and, as a special service, our homeschool co-op is hosting the “Homeschool Holiday Shop”. Children will have the opportunity to pick out their own inexpensive,

high quality gifts for family and friends.


The “Homeschool Holiday Shop” is a program designed for children to shop on their own in a safe, non-commercial environment. They can learn to budget their money and spend wisely, while also experiencing the “Joy Of Giving.”


The “Homeschool Holiday Shop” will be set up at Westgate Church and run by mom volunteers.

Gifts are priced for a child’s budget, ranging from 50¢ to $10.00, with most priced under $5.00. There are gifts available for ALL the members of your family.


We have provided a Shopping Budget Envelope. This will allow you and your child the opportunity to decide together how much can be spent on each person.


This event is open for students of all ages.

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